Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic cars are becoming more and more popular, if gears aren't your thing then we'll help you learn to drive safley and courteously.

Our Automatic Driving Lesson Prices

Introductory Offer

New Customers only. Ten 1-hour lessons for only

£250 / £270*

10 Lesson Course

A block of Ten 1-hour lessons for existing customers

£280 / £300*

5 Lessons Course

A block of Five 1-hour lessons for existing customers

£150 /

Single Lesson

A single 1-hour lesson for existing customers

£30 / £33*

* Lower rates are charged for lessons booked for Monday To Friday 9am - 6pm. Lessons before 9am or after 6pm on Weekdays and on Weekends are charged at the higher rate.