About Us

Lets Drive Pro is a well established and respected driving school, which has over a decade of experience in the driving industry including a network of driving institutions. We offer excellent driving lessons at a low price and we have vast experience of teaching various courses at affordable prices

We are based in Mansfield and are specialists in driver training, driving lessons training and preparation of various courses. We have a team of driving experts and trainers who will help you at every moment, to achieve success in developing expertise in driving line. 
We are a competitively priced driving school and offer Intensive, Pass Plus, Refresher Courses and Motorway Packages and so much more, to make driving simple and easy for our learners. Our intensive driving course gives you the knowledge of driving technology and we have an exceptional reputation in teaching ethics and high techniques, so that you pass your test first time. We offer:

Door to Door Service (Or from a pre-agreed location)
Block Booking Discount
Refresher Lessons
One-To-One Tuition
Friendly & Patient Instructors
Pass Plus
Motorway Lessons

We have grown significantly over the past years with our determination and our service is to ensure our customers get the best out of their Driving School, we are not only passionate about what we do we aim to achieve the best standards for our Customers so that they come out as a safe and smart drivers.
Lets Drive Pro Driving School provides the best quality driving lessons in a calm and peaceful environment. Our aim is to teach art of driving to develop competent and expert drivers. We provide excellent service in return to the value of your money.
Lets Drive Pro Driving School will help you to be a safer and smooth driver and teach you, how to minimize fuel consumption and insurance premium. We will sharpen your driving skills and develop self-confidence in you to make your driving secured.

Meet The Team

Hi, my name is Mark and I’ve been a fully qualified DVSA Driving Instructor for 15 years now. My own love of driving and teaching helps me to push my students to get the very best out of themselves in a nice relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I feel people learn much better this way helping resulting in a high first time pass rate and I’m now finding that I’m teaching younger generations of previous students through recommendations.

The importance of being adaptable to my students needs is just one of my strengths, after all not everyone learns the same way and at the same rate. I use the latest coaching techniques with my students along with offering help with the theory test also. Taking pride in my work and pass rate, along with a good reputation means a lot to me.

I also believe safe driving is for life and not just for your driving test.  I look forward to helping you gain your full licence in the near future.

Mark Eastwood


Hi my name is Mark and I have been involved in the training of others for over 25 years. I have been a fully qualified ADI since 2009 and a DVSA approved motorcycle instructor before that time. Currently I am also a DVSA registered Fleet trainer. I have worked in schools delivering GCSE and A level tuition as well as helping adults qualify in English and Maths Key Skills.

I use all of this experience to ensure that you get a varied approach to your tuition which allows me to have a very successful pass rate and leaves you confident in your own ability.

It is my goal to ensure that you will get the best training that is available for you as an individual and to ensure that you feel like you are my most important client.

Mark Jones


Hi, I’m Lorraine and one of the automatic driving instructors at Let’s Drive Pro. I’ve always loved driving and I am passionate about my work.

I love meeting people and helping them on their driving journey towards independence with the latest teaching/coaching techniques and adapting lessons to pupils individual needs, making the learning process enjoyable one with safety at the forefront.

As an automatic instructor with a hybrid car, automatics are becoming very popular and safer for the environment too, it can be an easier and quicker process towards not only a full driving licence but gaining a life skill. 

Lorraine Fryer

Auto Instructor

Hi I'm Shirley.

My students frequently tell me that I am very patient and make them feel at ease behind the wheel. I always try to make my students comfortable and find it very rewarding when I see the look on their faces when they get their first driver licence

Shirley Lambert

Driving Instructor

Hi I'm Paul, I am a fully qualifed ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and have been teaching now for over 8 years. I am very passionate about my chosen profession and aim to maintain my high pass rate. I aspire to create a relaxed, calm learning environment for my students as I believe this achieves the best results. I am here to answer any queries you may have so please don't hesitate to contact me

Paul Bower

Driving Instructor

Hi, I'm Cate, an Approved Driving Instructor. I love working with the great team at Let's Drive Pro. I am reliable, friendly and honest. I am enjoying helping students achieve their goal of passing their test by encouraging them to be involved, excited and positive about their learning. In the time that I have been teaching, I am very proud to have helped students get to their ultimate goal of gaining their Full Driving License. For many of these students, this has been life changing. I am looking forward to helping many more people in the future.

Cate Parry

Driving Instructor

Hi I'm Mike I have 20 years experience as a driving instructor I teach in a relaxed and enjoyable environment to reach your goal of becoming a safe and competent driver to give you the freedom and independence a licence brings

Michael Asher

Auto Instructor

Hi, my name is Scott Marlow. I've been an Approved Driving Instructor since 2003 - starting off working for a school based in Chesterfield. I progressed within that school to become a manager, and was tasked with helping over 30 instructors on a weekly basis.

When I left there, I worked as an instructor in the local area (Derby, Nottingham and Mansfield). I have helped 100's of people to get safely on the road, and have patient and calm style of teaching.

As well as teaching Learner drivers, I also teach Category C1 (up to 7.5t).

In addition to teaching people to drive, I also work for the Ambulance Service - and have the highest civilian ROSPA driving qualifications, which include blue light and defensive driving.

Scot Marlow

LGV C1 Instructor

Hi, I’m Michelle, I’ve over 16 years experience of helping many different kinds of people, from the UK and all over the world, to learn to drive. Whom all have their own individual learning styles and abilities. I like to meet the challenge of finding the best way for the individual to learn, in a respectful, calm and professional way - with a good sprinkle of fun and laughter. Away from teaching, my partner & I have two beautiful doggies (Spaniels) that keep us very busy & our Motorhome allows us to travel the country.

Michelle Lovett

Driving Instructor

Hi, my name is Bill, I have been an Instructor since 1992

Bill Gittins

Driving Instructor

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m an ADI. I’m a patient, reliable, friendly and honest person who is proud to help people gain confidence on the roads leading to a full driving licence.

Emma Myerscough

Driving Instructor

Hi, I'm Amanda an Approved driving instructor. I absolutely love my job being part of the ' let's drive pro team.' My job is so rewarding. The best feeling is when my pupils achieve their goals, and pass their practical test. I believe learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience. Pupils that have learnt with me tell me that I'm very patient and that I helps to.make them feel comfortable and at ease.

Amanda Barrowcliff

Driving Instructor

Hi, my name is Rachel. I absolutely love my job. I get to meet lots of different people and help them achieve their goal of becoming a qualified driver.

Rachel Garlick

Driving Instructor